ESP12 Based Home Automation

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This is an ESP12 based home automation project. The project uses a web interface to control the loads. With help of WiFi, we can control the relays to turn on or off.

Components Required




Source Code


  1. Download the necessary files (Schematic, Layout and Source Code).
  2. Create PCB using the given PCB layout.
  3. Solder the components. Check there is no short on the ESP12 SMD board.
  4. Connect the USB to TTL converted to the board. You can find a 5pin connector to connect VCC, GND, RX, TX and GPIO0 on the schematic.
  5. Connect the GPIO0 to GND
  6. Upload the code using Arduino IDE. Use can choose NodeMCU 1.0 as your board type.
  7. After uploading, you can see a WiFi access point named ‘Home Automation’ available on your mobile.
  8. Connect to the access point using the password ‘PASSWORD’.
  9. After connecting open a web browser like chrome and type the board’s IP address192.168.4.1′.
  10. After loading the wesite, you can turn on and off the relays available on the board.